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The next step in your business' logistic

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

The last blog told the story of scaling your new venture to the point of now considering logistical support. You decided to handle the logistics yourself and, while this is a great idea, it requires a wholly different skill set to do, and do well.

You recently found a warehouse to distribute the inventory you acquired, you believe. However you wisely contacted a material handling professional before signing that lease. It’s a good thing you did because in spite of the pervasiveness of large flex spaces in the market right now, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all - it’s too easy to over do it, and likewise vice versa.

There’s a logical process that we at Coleman Service & Supply go through to discover the best case scenario, that when you land in your new distribution space you’re absolutely certain that it will jive with your diligently produced forecast.


First we focus on the product you’re storing: What are the 5 dimensions to consider? Next we consider the lift truck you’re using to handle the products: What are it’s capabilities and limitations? And finally the space: How can we optimize the cube? Oh, and will you need a permit?

Each item requires a certain depth of understanding that working with a company like Coleman Service & Supply is a really good idea. We’ll be further unpacking our process over the next few blogs. Until then, please remember that growing a business should be fun and rewarding; let us take care of the minutiae.


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