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The Starting Point with Coleman Service and Supply

You’re a new business with a great product, and anxious to get it to market. In a short while, it takes off and you’re ready and willing to invest in your inventory to meet the forecasted demand. You contact your bank or investors, a commercial realtor, and excitement for this new success is certainly in the air - time to celebrate!

But soon enough, the logistics required for your new venture begin to temper the excitement. Questions appear from all around: Should you outsource these troublesome logistics or handle it internally? If you’re going to handle them in-house, what’s that going to cost? What would that look like and what would it require? Ugh, who can we call that knows how to do this??

It’s at this point in question where a company like us at Coleman Service & Supply would be a great call to make. You’ve found a location and have a rough idea of how many employees to hire, but the question that keeps you up at night at this point is precisely where our company appears - by design. We help customers like you answer questions such as: “How many pallets can we store…?” Once you know the number that you need to store, you're left with "will it work in that building…?" and on and on and on. ....We’ll take it from here!

If this sounds like your business and you want quick, experienced solutions reach out to us today!

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