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Terms and Conditions


All Quotations are subject to acceptance and transmittal of Customer-signed Quotations within five (5) days of date stated on Quotation. By signing the Quotation, Customer accepts the terms and conditions provided in this Addendum. Prices are subject to change without notice unless otherwise stated. Additional contracts, terms and agreements are not valid or binding upon Coleman Service & Supply, LLC (“Coleman”) unless approved and accepted in writing by its President. However, all contracts shall be deemed to have been executed in York County, South Carolina.


Deliveries under all contracts and agreements are contingent upon acts of providence, strikes, accidents, governmental priority regulations and other causes of delay beyond Coleman’s control, and in no event will Coleman be liable for consequential delays or losses.


Orders cannot be scheduled, cancelled, specifications changed, or goods returned without Coleman’s prior permission. Acceptance may be conditional upon reimbursement for consequential loss to Coleman.


Promises of delivery are given as accurately as conditions will permit, but Coleman does not guarantee to accomplish shipments on date or dates mentioned.


Information provided concerning performance of equipment listed hereon are engineering estimates only and no guarantee to meet such specifications is to be implied.


The Quotation, as well as all information therein, including prints, brochures, etc., are confidential and intended only for Customer’s use and are not to be used in any way detrimental to Coleman.


Unless otherwise specifically stated, terms are net on invoice based on the date of invoice. F.O.B. Factory (unless otherwise stated), sales or use taxes, any type of property tax or any manufacturers or other excise tax levied by federal, state or municipal government or any sub-division thereof, are the liability of Customer and if paid by Coleman are rechargeable to Customer. This and all subsequent purchases are payable to Coleman Service & Supply, LLC, PO Box 1872, Fort Mill, SC 29716. Coleman reserves the right to cancel the agreement upon:

1. Breach of contract by Customer;

2. Failure by Customer to make payments as required; or,

3. Upon insolvency or bankruptcy of Customer.


No terms contained in the Customer’s purchase order, shipping request or other communications shall vary the terms and conditions of this agreement, expressed in the Quotation and this Addendum thereto, whether or not shipment of the goods followed receipt of such purchase order or any other communication.

Installation Guidelines:

Installation pricing is based on the following criteria unless otherwise noted in the body of the quote:

  1. All material must be installed in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the manufacturer and approval drawings.

  2. Approval drawings must be signed prior to installation. Alterations during the installation must be approved by signing the appropriate documents and are subject to additional charges.

  3. Non-union straight time labor is quoted.

  4. No provisions have been made for overtime, evening or weekend work unless otherwise noted.

  5. Project site to be free and clear of obstructions prior to the start of the project.

  6. Price is based upon a smooth, continuous progression of work and unlimited access to work site and dock areas.

  7. Additional man hours, return trips, interruptions of work or delays caused by site conditions or other contractors will result in additional charges.

  8. Costs for building permits, high-pile permits, performance bonds, licenses, taxes, seismic or registered engineering fees that may be required by any governing body are not included unless otherwise noted.

  9. Labor is quoted assuming ambient temperature throughout the entire installation unless otherwise noted.

  10. Restrooms or portable facilities shall be available.

  11. Customer must notify Coleman prior to proposal of any safety programs or guidelines.

  12. Customer to provide a dumpster for work dunnage and debris. In many cases, more than one dumpster will be required.

  13. Customer is responsible to unload materials and stage in a free and clear area near the project site unless otherwise noted unless otherwise noted.

  14. Customer to provide all fork and scissor lifts required for the project unless otherwise noted. 

  15. Rack materials are usually shipped on flatbed trailers. Coleman will not be responsible for any dirt, salt, moisture, rust or trailer smoke on materials due to shipment.

  16. Acceptance of Materials: It is the Customer’s responsibility to check material upon delivery and to properly note any damage or shortage on the carrier’s bill of lading. It is the buyer’s responsibility to file a claim with the delivery carrier for any damaged or missing material. Coleman makes all shipments F.O.B. @ shipping point – meaning the carrier is responsible to deliver all materials to the job in the proper condition. Neither the carrier nor Coleman will accept responsibility for damage unless the claim is made at the time of unloading.

  17. If outside storage of materials is required, Customer is responsible for any dirt or rust on materials. Coleman will not be responsible for any wipe down or touch up painting if item 15 or 16 occur.

  18. If a delay in the project occurs, any materials that are in production or completed will be shipped to the Customer’s location. If the Customer desires to have the product stored at the plant or freight terminal, materials to be stored outside will be at the Customer’s expense. Customer is responsible for any dirt removal from materials once they arrive at the project site.

  19. Price includes broom sweeping the site. Specialized clean up or floor repair is the responsibility of the Customer.

  20. Installation does not include cleaning or wiping down of materials.

  21. Installation crew will repair any deep gouges to the floor but will not be held liable for surface scratches.

  22. Coleman is not responsible for damage to unmarked utilities that are in the floor or walls.

  23. Customer is responsible for verification of the layout. This includes ensuring proper clearances are met in relation to the building columns, doors, lights, pipes and HVAC system.

  24. No warranty, expressed or implied, will be in force for existing equipment reused in the overall system.

  25. Customer is responsible for fire protections system.

  26. A Customer representative must be available to sign off on the project at the time of completion.

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